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Questions and answers 

The Captain Drake's Flight training Contract Fine Print:

Sport Pilot Program using our airplane: What's included? For a flat fee of $7000 We include the following:

  • Up to 30 hrs total airplane time including fuel.

  • Up to 30 hrs of Dual flight instruction, 15 hrs more than required.

  • Up to 6hrs of Solo flight time, one hour more than required.

  • Up to 60 hrs of Ground instruction.

  • Books, plotter, electronic E-6B, and aeronautical charts needed.

  • Interactive CD-ROM prepware learning software.

  • We provide your practical test (otherwise known as FAA Checkride).

  • We provide our students (and up to one guest) a comfortable room at our Captain Drake's Lodge bed and breakfast.

  • Captain Drake's Air BnB and Lodge



What is not included in the flat rate programs?

  • Food is not included in the program. (Due to people's varied demands and allergies)

  • The cost of the FAA written test ($165) is not included. (most students will have completed this test at a local testing center near their home before arriving here)

  • Renter's / Borrowers insurance is not included and we strongly encourage you to consider purchasing yourself such a policy.


What happens in the event that I learn slower and do not complete the requirements or have not yet mastered the skills required skills within the 30 hrs of included airplane time?

In such a case although it is rare, you would be charged at the regular hourly rates for any addition time that you require. At this time our instruction rates are $50/hr and our airplane rents for $100/hr.


What happens in the event that I am unable to complete all my training and practical test in one visit or in one season?

It is normal for us to work around a student's schedule and no penalty or additional charges will be added. Keep in mind that people tend to have to relearn or review skills and information after taking time off. This could lead you to requiring more instruction or airplane rental time that you then would be responsible for paying for.

What happens if my training is delayed due to weather or mechanical issues/ inspections with the airplane?

Dealing with weather delays, mechanical issues, or FAA required inspections is a part of aviation. Learning patience, good decision making, and safety is a large part of what we teach here. This just the way it is so plan accordingly and be understanding.

What happens should I decide to quit the program before completing my pilot certification?

We will wish you the best in whatever adventure you engage in next but no refunds will be issued. Please know this policy before starting the program and plan accordingly. If you have any doubt as to your abilities or conviction to be dedicated to the program consider that the flat rate program may not be for you. In this case you should think about going on an hourly program instead. Understand that in most cases the hourly program will ultimately cost much more money to complete.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Captain Drake's flight training programs may be paid for in the following forms: Gold, Cash, Certified Check, or Credit card. Under certain circumstances we may accept trades of aircraft.

Are there any options for paying for my program other than coming up with the full tuition amount at once?

Yes. You may break the tuition into smaller chunks. For example, you may begin training after you have paid the first $3000. You may make another $3000 payment at the time you have made your first solo flight. And you may make the final $1000 payment before your practical exam.



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