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Captain Drake's flight training options and packages


One of the most often asked questions regarding flight training is;

"How much is it going to cost?"

We understand that every dollar is important and learning to fly represents a significant expense. That's why Captain Drake's is one of the only flight schools to offer flat rate pricing for its services. You'll know exactly how much your training will cost before your training even begins.

As a student of Captain Drake's Family Aerial Adventures, you can go through your training confident that you wont have to quit because of financial reasons. Studies show that students who do not have to worry about finances can focus more on learning, which means a better flight training experience for you.

Our goal at Captain Drake's is to turn students into safe and proficient future pilots at a reasonable price. So go ahead and take a look at our various training packages below and select one that best suits your needs. When you have questions or would like to begin your new adventure, please Contact Us!


 Scenic Introductory Flight Lesson: $60-$150
Introductory flight lesson $150 and includes a ground briefing, scenic flight around the Illinois Valley where you get to take the controls and enjoy a stress free lesson!

Pay As You GO: $150/hr Plane & Instructor
This option is great for students who may not have cash up front or existing pilots looking for flight reviews or other services.

7 Night Lodge Stay + Flying Experience: $1400
Enjoy a 7 night stay at our fabulous Lodge with all the amenities of Illinois Valley. On top of that, you'll recieve 7 hours of complementary flight time so you can begin your training in a hassle free environment or simply enjoy the scenery by air!


Ultralight, FAR Part 103 flight training program: $3,000

For folks who do not initially intend to earn an airman certificate but who wish learn to safely pilot a part 103 ultralight.

This package includes 15 hrs of dual flight instruction in our S-lsa quicksilver ultralight trainer aircraft. With this program you'll also recieve several hours of ground instruction and a seven night stay at the lodge. Since all training will be given by a certified flight instructor and will take place in a legal S-lsa light sport aircraft, all the logged time counts should you decide to go on to complete your sport pilot airman certificate. The best part? We will give you credit for tuition paid! ask for details.

Complete Sport Pilot - Our Airplane: $7000
We provide ground and flight training, airplane time, fuel, housing, training materials and tools, and we provide your Practical exam check ride Fee to the examiner.

*You as the student will be responsible for acquiring your student pilot certificate (no charge at your local flight standards district office) , renters and borrows insurance (through AOPA this usually will cost you about $600/year), Your meals while you're going through your training (housing at captain drake's lodge is free to our students however we do not provide meals). In some cases you will buy a small amount of aviation fuel during your solo time, usually this would only be nine gallons or less for the return trip while on your student solo X-country trip. You'll also provide for the cost of your FAA written exam as this will be completed before you join us here at the lodge.

    We also offer other services such as training for: 



  • flight reviews

  • above and below 87kts endorsements

  • Upgrading from sport pilot to private pilot courses (can be arranged on special notice)

  • We can show you how to make your flight training tax deductible

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