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My students join me here on my beautiful southern Oregon property and I put them up at the Captain Drake's lodge. They are welcome to bring their families with them. The non flying members of their party can lounge around and enjoy all the activities we have to offer in southern Oregon. While the flying person attends daily classes. We will learn by doing. You will not be distracted with the price of admission. Typically you are not billed for each individual hour. Instead we offer various flight training packages. The price is the price, it includes the fuel, the airplane, the instructor, and the housing.

We will fly the stunningly beautiful valley of my home, we will do our ground school in the Captain Drake's Hangar or at the Lodge which many former students swear is the prettiest classroom in the country. The photographs of my heroes on the walls, enveloping us in the rich history of the flying that took place here. We will take hikes to the local swimming holes and learn about flying through talks along the path. We will take cross country adventure flights to the beach and to other beautiful valleys. Flying over the amazing northern California and southern Oregon mountains to get there. We'll learn all the little symbols and colored patchwork of lines on the aviation sectional navigation charts by flying and experiencing. This is my dream and I'm following it on a colorful fabric wing and a prayer.


What are your dreams? Mine is to be able to transfer my knowledge to others with the least amount of stress and difficulty  while delivering the Flying experience as it lives in our childlike minds. I have created a flight school like no other. A place where people come to learn to fly, but receive an experience deeper and more amazing than they ever imagined.


Eventually I will become “THE” light sport training center for the west coast.

The place for ultralight and sport pilot training!

Captain Drake's Family Aerial Adventures. 

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